Our Culture

Our culture and approach to working is based on a belief that everyone can claim their financial edge, no matter their background or prior experience. This fundamental philosophy of serving our customers is core to our mission and vision for the future.

The TradeStation Way helps define our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation for our customers in an environment that reflects our values. This is best described by our 26 TradeStation Fundamentals that define how employees conduct themselves and approach their work.

Act with Integrity, Collaborate, Honor Your Commitments, Listen are just a few of the Fundamentals that help define our culture. Our employees are non-conformists from all walks of life who work together in a high-performance environment to provide our customers with exceptional products and services. All TradeStation employees are required to acknowledge our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. This Code reflects our commitment to a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability, and outlines the basic principles and policies which guide all our employees.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At TradeStation, we understand the importance of creating and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment, where all employees feel respected, valued, and empowered to do their best work and contribute to the successful fulfillment of our business objectives. We Embrace Diversity and recognize that each employee’s unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints add value to our ability to create and deliver the best possible products and services to empower our customers.

As we Appreciate Each Other and our differences, we help each other Strive for Better as we Deliver Legendary Service. To help advance our progress within Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), we created a DEI Council – formed with the purpose of working collaboratively with senior leadership, employees, and select communities to:

  • advocate and support diversity in our organization;
  • encourage and promote equal opportunities for underrepresented groups; and
  • create an environment that fosters growth, understanding, and success.
  • We also embed DEI principles in our recruiting and retention efforts and take proactive steps to recruit from a diverse set of candidate pools and schools. This also includes our internship program through which we hire between 8 –12 participants each year. Furthermore, we strive to provide fair and equitable compensation. Our compensation practices are based on market studies and take into account each employee's, skillset, level and tenure with the organization.

    We are working to build networks of Employee Resource Groups as a safe space for colleagues to network, learn from each other and discuss issues that are important to them. Two such groups are LGBTQ+ and Women in FinTech.

    We seek to foster an environment that values diversity, where growth, understanding, and success are attainable for everyone.

    Takashi Oyagi
    Chief Strategic Officer
    Member, Board of Directors
    Executive Sponsor of TradeStation DEI Council

    Workplace at a GlanceMetrics as of February 2022


    % of Leadership

     21% Women

    30% Racial / ethnic background *

    % of Workforce

    25% Women

    38% Racial / ethnic background *

    Generations cohorts represented

    0%4 Generations


    45% Employees that participated in at least one company sponsored health improvement activity during the past year.

    Employee Training

    $362K Spent on continuing education courses in the past year.

    Workplace Recognition

    817 Recognition awards granted to employees for outstanding performance in the past year. year.

    * Due to national privacy and anti-discrimination laws in Costa Rica this metric does not include employees at our Costa Rica office.

    a diverse group of employees


    Our employees are the driving force behind our company. They make up our culture and drive our initiatives. Ultimately, their success is our success. Our goal is to therefore provide a work experience that is both challenging and rewarding — an experience that is flexible and meets our team members’ changing needs.

    Honor Your Commitments, Be Transparent and Listen are three of our Fundamentals that show our commitment to making TradeStation a great place to work. Among other benefits, an engaged workforce helps us to innovate, reduces employee turnover, and helps us Deliver Results for our customers.

    We strive to create a flexible working relationship that lets many employees choose the manner in which they work — in an office, a hybrid working environment, or fully remote. This has challenged us to find ways to adapt to less in-person interaction. An important commitment for us is to continue holding quarterly employee meetings, now via webinar, between senior leaders and employees, where we review financial goals, give strategic and product updates, recognize employees and answer live questions.

    Never Stop Learning: training is an essential part of engaging our employees and in our view leads to a more cohesive culture. Employees receive regular compliance training that is appropriate for their role as well as on issues such as IT and cyber security/privacy. In addition, many business units have unique training paths for their teams with courses on both soft and technical skills, that often go above and beyond what is required for the position. For example, many members of our Client Service team maintain industry licenses even when not required.

    Cultivating talent and promoting from within our organization are priorities for TradeStation, evidenced by our high employee retention level compared to industry trends.

    Our fundamental of Embrace Change embodies our spirit of innovation twoard products and services as well as our employees as we define new ways of working.

    Michael Fisch
    Chief Technology Officer

    This includes maintaining an ongoing focus on leadership development. We do this through various training programs that range from personal health and stress management to collaboration strategies and forward-focused initiatives. These sessions help align our leadership with strategic goals, while developing our leaders and fostering better communication.

    We Appreciate Each Other through Our RAVE and Thanks! programs that recognize employees for outstanding performance via our employee intranet and through quarterly townhall meetings.

    We conduct employee engagement surveys and learn from the feedback in order to improve.