A rich history of supporting traders and investors

A rich history of supporting traders and investors

TradeStation has a rich history of supporting self-directed traders and investors in their journeys to claim their financial edge. We do this by providing to customers our unique trading technology, robust online brokerage services proven to be adaptive and resilient over constantly changing conditions, and innovative learning platforms.

TradeStation’s online brokerage platform is rooted in its powerful trading tools. Initially offered as a software product, users developed and back-tested their own trading strategies against historical market data and received trading alerts when their strategies’ conditions were met. It was pioneering at the time, enabling individuals to trade more like the pros.

We didn’t stop there. TradeStation transformed to an online securities brokerage in 2001, integrating its award-winning software with real-time market data and order placement for securities and futures markets.

Our platform and services are continuously evolving. Today we are a self-clearing broker for equities, options, and futures, as well as for cryptocurrencies. The versatility of our platform is demonstrated across desktop, Web, mobile and via application program interface (API) technologies.

Our learning community is designed to help customers of varied experience and trading skills. Our Getting Started content seeks to help new investors understand the language and rhythm of the markets, with a variety of techniques that are suited to different learning styles. Our objective is to help newcomers build a solid foundation for a lifetime of trading. Seasoned traders can hone their skills through our Master Class modules, as well as a community of peers who share ideas and collaborate on strategies. A daily stream of content seeks to spark ideas, display different trading approaches and provide context for market movements.

The result is a connected and engaging platform that was built and sustained by people who are eager to be better traders, hungry to identify and execute on trading strategies, and passionate about collaborating with like-minded individuals by sharing their experiences.

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